Who We Are & What We Do

Our clients have ideas or information that they want to market, teach or otherwise get across. We help them do this using fun and engaging games or software. 

Our expertise is delivering content to order: straight up or with a twist. 

CloseApp started out over 15 years ago when Ami Hanya began developing games and posting them to the web as a hobby. People began asking for customized games and from there the company branched out to developing websites and other apps. Satisfied customers reffered more customers and the company expanded and grew, as additional developers with specializations to answer our customer’s needs were added. 

Today, CloseApp employs 7 staff members as well as freelancers and provides all the of the development and design services needed for getting messages across digitally. The company strives to grow it’s developers so that their knowledge level is high and always up to date.

Some of our clients are: Microsoft, the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Electric Company, Elbit and Cinema City Jerusalem.

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